Montauk, NY

There is so much rich history behind this skatepark that it is impossible to put into words. The people in this short film do it better than anyone else on the planet could do. They lived it and worked their asses off to honor the legacy of those that put the original park on the map. The list of people I need to thank is far too long but here are a few that personally helped us make this happen. John Britton and his amazing family JJ Veronis Walt Lindveld Bart Schwarz Ben Horan and the Pivot Custom crew David Lys John Hunter The OG scene in NYC was laid out like a super rad bedtime story by the one and only JJ Veronis who lived and breathed it the scene right along with Andy Kessler. Made us jealous that we weren’t a part of it growing up. They effort put forth by The Montauk Skatepark Coalition is unmeasurable.

Kess Rides On…




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